1G – No Problem. Wi-Fi for everyone – Done. Fiber to the unit – Yes. With our technology, we provide untouchable speeds.


We have great traditional television options. Plus, you'll never worry about video streams buffering.


It’s the new craze and we have lots of choices for making things “Smart”.


Phones are where we started. Whether it’s 1 line or 10,000 - Simple.

LEAD Technology

Never worry about bandwidth speeds again

Our patented technology ensures faster speeds, a much more efficient network, and very happy end users.

"Vicidiem used our existing network and 200 Mbps connection, and took us from 5Mbps per tenant to 90 to 100 Mbps per tenant. It’s blasting fast speed!"
- Mario Property Manager


Design & Engineering

Whether you need a fully designed fiber optic system or just need a review of your current plans we can help.

Network Installation

Our networks meet todays and tomorrows demands.

Bandwidth Management

Our LEAD Technology gives us the ability to provide unmatched speeds without breaking the bank.

24/7 Support

We provide 24/7 customer support and network monitoring.

Internet is an Asset

Your internet should be generating significant revenue.

“We use Vicidiem at every one of our properties because the bandwidth speeds are second to none, and our property value increases by the millions.”

- Mike C. - Owner/Developer, Garn Development

Success Stories

Sonoran Village

Units: 600
Circuit Speed: 2Gbps
End User Speed: 1Gbps


Units: 400
Circuit Speed: 1Gbps
End User Speed: 500Mbps

Element 31

Units: 210
Circuit Speed: 1Gbps
End User Speed: 500Mbps

Midtown 360

Units: 500
Circuit Speed: 1Gbps
End User Speed: 800Mbps

Claradon Village

Units: 300
Circuit Speed: 1Gbps
End User Speed: 500Mbps

Wilshire Place

Units: 300
Circuit Speed: 2Gbps
End User Speed: 1Gbps

See What Our Customer Are Saying?

"Residents are demanding better Internet. They expect it... I never worry about Internet speeds, and selling it as part of our media package is really really easy."

- Chelsea Property Manager

"I will not let any of the properties I oversee use anyone but Vicidiem. They consistently deliver incredible Internet speeds. My residents are happy, as are my onsite managers."

Scott E. - Property Manager, AMC

Sound too good to be true?

Let us prove it.

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